Online Texas Holdem game represents the most beloved form of free online Poker games, also played by professionals for real money on various Holdem poker tournaments and events, which sometimes come with a pretty generous prize pool that measures in millions!

Texas Holdem Poker online game is one of the first online Poker games introduced to the public, since the first version dates back to the 1950s,’ when the game was first implemented in some of the Las Vegas Strip casinos. The implementation of IT in the gambling industry has allowed Texas Holdem Poker online games to become popular all around the globe!

The reason for the popularity of Texas Holdem games online dates back to 1988 and the Hollywood blockbuster “Rounders” with Edward Norton and Matt Damon. The movie incorporated a scene from the World Series of Poker, displaying Seidel and Chan playing the no-limit version! Shortly after, Texas Holdem events started being televised, gaining extreme popularity with the introduction of “lipstick cameras,” hidden cameras through which the viewers could track each player’s hand!

Texas Holdem in a Nutshell

So, if you are used to the standard rules of poker games, you might need to expand your views a bit, while Texas Holdem is everything but ordinary. At the start, each player receives two cards, while the dealer puts three so-called community cards on the table, face down. Players then place the initial, blind bet, called a pre-flop bet. After such is done, the dealer flips the community cards, and another betting round follows. Such cycles repeat until the dealer puts the fourth (turn, fourth street) and the fifth card (river, fifth street) on the table. The last event is the showdown, in which all players reveal their hands, which, combined with community cards, form the strongest possible combination, which is being taken into account.

Types & Combinations

There is a dozen of Texas Holdem online free game types you will come across, but the main classification puts this popular online casino game into three categories:

  • Limit Holdem;
  • No-limit Holdem, the most popular among professionals, especially on tournaments;
  • Pot-limit Holdem.

As for winning card combinations, they don’t differ from those applied in standard Poker at all, so if you had any experience with Poker, you would quickly develop your own Texas Holdem strategy:



High card

The lowest single card is 2, while the highest is A


Two cards with an identical value

Two pairs

Two sets of two cards of an identical value

Three of a kind

Three cards of an identical value


Five-card sequence of increasing value


Five cards of an identical suit

Full house

Three of a kind + pair

Four of a kind

Four cards of an identical value

Straight flush

Straight sequence of an identical suit

Royal flush

Straight flush sequence of an identical suit, from 10 to A

Texas Holdem Online Games

Nowadays, one can come across a wide variety of Texas Holdem games online, while nearly all casino poker games software developers possess their own personalized version.


The first in line is one of the most popular card games Omaha Poker, also known as Omaha Holdem. Although the debate still goes on whether Omaha is a Texas Holdem version, that would not be so important, while Omaha is just a splendid game, which comes in two variations: standard Omaha and Omaha 8 (Omaha Hi-Lo). The main differences lie in the fact that the player receives four hole (hand) cards instead of only two, and a combination needs to contain 3 community cards and 2 hole cards from the player’s hand.

Pineapple Holdem, Crazy & Lazy Pineapple

In these versions, the player receives 3 hole cards, which need to be discarded:

  • Before the flop in Pineapple Holdem;
  • After the flop in Crazy Pineapple;
  • After all, cards have been dealt in Lazy Pineapple.

Other Texas Holdem Variations

While browsing the vast ocean of Texas Holdem Poker online games, you will come across some of the following versions: 3 Card Holdem, Double Flop Holdem, Speed Holdem, Two Time Holdem, River of Blood, Irish Poker, etc.

If you want to try all these variations and options, you need to start playing the Texas Holdem game online for free.

Free Texas Holdem Games

Texas Holdem PC games software developers tend to provide their customers with the possibility to enjoy Texas Holdem on both mobile and PC devices. The vast majority of online casino operators allow you to enjoy such games in demo (free) mode, which means no deposit is required. Games are also instant-play accessible, so no particular app is needed as well.

So, if you don’t’ know where to start playing Texas Holdem, here are some recommendations:

  • WSOP (World Series of Poker) and NJ
  • PokerStars NJ and PokerStars PA
  • Borgata NJ
  • 888poker (NJ)
  • PartPoker NJ

Online Poker Software Developers



Mobiweb Technologies

Affordable, high-class Poker solutions, known for their reliability.


Offers various user-friendly Poker platforms.

Mobzway Technologies

Combines 2D and 3D graphics with the Payment Gateway feature.


Provides high-quality Poker gaming platforms.

Hornet Dynamics

Their Poker games are reliable, precise, realistic, and impressive.

It depends on your goal in the game, but the majority of players prefer the no-limit version.

Besides the above-mentioned websites, you can play Texas Holdem at the vast majority of online casinos and Poker-specialized websites.

Yes, but only if you wager real money as well.

Yes, by visiting the Live Casino section offered by the majority of operators, where you can find Live Texas Holdem, as well as some of its live variations.