The fact that there is a poker dictionary tells enough about poker’s popularity. Somewhat professional players have come up with numerous poker terms that are now used all the time. You don’t have to necessarily know these terms as a beginner to play the casino game, but finding yourself surrounded by the players that form sentences out of these terms puts you in an awkward situation, which is a reason more to learn them if playing poker is your passion. Otherwise, just try to soak in basic poker terms and phrases since they are closely related to the online poker game rules, such as big blind, small blind, call, raise, and others. Throughout this article, you will get familiar with both professional and basic terms.

List Of Poker Terms Professional Gamblers Use

Professional poker language includes both basic and advanced terms. Advanced ones are basically slang. For example, if you find yourself clueless about what the professionals are saying to each other and they notice that you can’t keep up with the conversation, they might call you a “fish,” which means – an inexperienced poker player. So, professional expressions in online poker are not necessarily game-related but more often situation-related. They can be as well used in daily life situations and not only while playing poker. “Coffee housing,” for example, is a term that translates to the player talking to other players in an effort to get out some valuable information, and it can be used in any similar situation. Not all the professionals speak the same way, and some might use advanced poker words while some won’t. It is up to the player to decide. However, one of the online poker tournament tips is coming up with your own poker terms because opponents won’t understand what you are saying, and therefore it will be harder for them to see through your strategies.

The Glossary of Basic Poker Terms You Should Know

Basic Terms



To match the previous bet.


Skipping a turn once you have made the same bet as the other players.


To raise the bet for a certain amount.


A player that deals cards.


The current total bet size is placed on the table and won by the player with the strongest hand or the one last standing.


A moment when the first three community cards are placed on the table.


The last dealt table card in the game.

Texas Holdem Poker Terms

Texas Holdem poker online game is the most played poker type by far. Texas Hold ’em terminology is not much different from the regular one since the gameplay is very similar. Basic terms apply to the Texas Holdem poker as well. You still have raise, check, call, and other options. Besides utilizing bets, you should also get introduced to poker combinations since they make a huge part of online poker vocabulary.

  • Pair – Two cards with the same value.
  • Two pairs.
  • Three of a kind – three cards with the same value.
  • Straight – five cards in increasing value. For example, 3/4/5/6/7.
  • Flush – five cards with the same symbol.
  • Full house – the player holds three of a kind and a pair combination.
  • Four of a kind – four same valued cards.
  • Straight flush – five-card sequence in increasing value, but all have the same symbol.
  • Royal flush – a straight flush including an increasing value sequence starting with 10 to ace.

Other important Texas Holdem terms are small and big blinds. A lot of poker strategies depend on the player’s table position, and that is why it is important to know which spots are referred to as big and small blinds. However, these terms can also work as references to betting sizes.

  • Small blind. It is the player that sits next to the dealer in a clockwise direction. The betting starts from the small blind position, so the small blind player dictates the betting size from the start.
  • Big blind. It is a second clockwise position from the dealer. The big blind bets right after the small blind, and it has to double its bet.

Here is some additional poker terminology:

  • Action. The amount of betting action in the game. It can be high when there is a lot of betting and low when there is a lot of checking.
  • All in. Betting all your chips.
  • Back door. When a player gets lucky to form a combo on the two last-placed table cards.
  • Bad beat. Having a great winning chance until the last card is shown.
  • Bluffing. Pretending to have a strong hand.
  • Limping in. Placing a minimal required bet as the last player to act.

Poker Slang Terms in Online Games

A slang poker player’s language is mostly used by professionals. Here are some slang poker terms:

  • Ajax: when a player holds ace and jack at the starting hand
  • American Airlines: pocket aces
  • Ammo: chips
  • Chip and chair: the game is not over until it is over
  • Clamp: indicates that one’s player’s hand is much stronger than the opponent’s
  • Lock: unbeatable poker hand
  • Hanger: a card at the bottom of a deck that sticks out, usually a sign of cheating

Pot equity: the probability of poker hands that will win the pot or a player’s liking to win the pot

It is a player’s statistical chance of winning a certain hand.

Ring game refers to the poker game in which real money is involved.

It is a situation in which not all five table cards are placed.