So, if you are eager to play free poker games online, including the famous Texas Holdem tips and strategies will be a substantial part of your transformation from the rookie to an expert. In order to become an expert, the player should first acquire some basic skills. And in order to do so, one should first get well informed about Texas Holdem and the rules to play Poker in a proper manner.

Tips For Texas Holdem

This online casino game represents the most popular form of poker nowadays, so popular that it managed to reach the “big screen.” You can find it in several Hollywood blockbusters, a couple of worldwide broadcasted TV shows, as well as live broadcasts of various tournaments through which the viewers had the opportunity to pick up some Texas Holdem tips from pros participating in the competition. Tournaments usually include the no-limit version, while in online casinos, you can also come across two more, Fixed Limit Texas Holdem and Pot Limit Texas Holdem, in which the size of your bet is limited by the amount in the pot.

With this short guide, you’ll learn where to start and how to play Texas Holdem well.

If you want to master some tips and tricks for Texas Holdem Poker, you should first know that the game is played with two blind bets – small and big blind. The small blind, located on the left of the dealer, usually amounts to half of the big blind. The big blind, located on the left of the small blind, is usually equal to the minimum required bet.

The list below shows a progression of a typical Texas Holdem hand:

  • After shuffling the deck, the dealer gives each player two cards face down. These are so-called hole cards, which are being revealed in the showdown – the end of the hand.
  • A “pre-flop” betting round.
  • The dealer puts the first community card (the flop) on the table, face up.
  • Betting round.
  • The fourth community card (the turn) is placed on the table.
  • Betting round.
  • The fifth community card (the river) is placed on the table.
  • If more than one player makes it to the end, the showdown starts. The players reveal their hole cards, forming the strongest possible combination combined with three community cards. The player with the combination of the highest value wins the pot.

Best Texas Holdem Tips to Use Online

To develop a basic Texas Holdem strategy you can use tips from professional gamblers. Here are some of the best Poker tips and tricks that can be applied to the game of Texas Holdem.

Fewer, More Aggressive Hands

The vast majority of professional players recommend playing a smaller number of hands in an aggressive style. The desirable strategy would be playing a tight scope of strong yet reliable hands, going aggressively even with speculative cards, such as 7, 6 or 5. This may help you deceive the opponent by disguising the actual strength of your hand.

No “Limping”

“Limping” represents calling the big bling pre-flop bet, and this move is something you need to forget in an instant. If you do such as the first player, you may scare off other ones, leaving less money on the table for you to potentially win. The only acceptable situation is the so-called “over-limping” when at least one player has already called the big blind preflop bet.

Fast Play Strong Hands

When holding a strong hand, you should force a fast, aggressive play, so you can build-up the pot quickly and enlarge the amount of the prize. However, you should do so only if there are no scare cards left, and the range of your opponent is narrowed to the cards with a small or no showdown value. Fast, aggressive hands are a frequently used Poker tournaments strategy.

Defending Big Blind

Defending the big blind is one of the most common tips for Texas Holdem. Because of one big blind already invested, you will always have better chances. This expands the spectrum of usable hole card combinations. The way of defending the big blind depends on various factors, such as the position of the raising player, the number of players calling the raise, as well as the size of the raise itself.

Folding as a Move

This doesn’t actually belong to the category of some special online Poker tips and tricks, but sometimes the main difference between a good and a bad player lies in the ability to feel the right moment to fold. Since such requires a bit of experience, a pro tip for rookies would be to write down the progression of the hand after folding, so one can later study it and try to figure out if the fold was the right move or not.

How to Win at Texas Holdem Poker?

After overviewing some of the tips for playing Texas Holdem, here is a table of some Poker advice to help you differentiate smart from not so smart moves.



Think and play according to your position.

Playing a large number of pre-flop hands.

Bet and raise (be aggressive).

Don’t exaggerate in bluffing.

Read about various Poker strategies.

Don’t spend more time reading than playing.

Defend the big blind.

Do not exceed your bankroll.

Fold! Fold! Fold! (is such is considered useful).

Don’t be the first player to limp.

The vast majority of professional advice to go with aggressive, fast hands.

Since a big blind bet is already placed, you will always carry bigger chances, which widens the extent of playable hole cards.

Such a thing requires experience, but also a little bit of focus, presence and logic. The key moment is not to let your emotions prevail over your intellect, and you will recognize the moment by inspecting the situation objectively.